Now that you are here, you may be wondering what this is about. To put it simply, it’s an experiment. Read on, and if you are interested in participating, consider scheduling a time at the link below!


I will put this bluntly. I have come to suspect that the reality we are living in is a simulation. I understand there is a lot of baggage that comes with that word, which is why I also want to say that I suspect that the nature of the simulation is not what you might normally think of that word and its implications. There is much more nuance to that statement, but I will leave it at that for now. This is a planned research experiment to measure and test the perimeters of the simulation, with the intention of more clearly defining its structures, contours, and properties.

OK… So… What do you want me to do?

In order to investigate and test the nature of the simulation in a controlled and methodical manner, I will need your help. Will you indulge me in this even if you don’t fully understand (yet)?

If not, please feel absolutely free to ignore all of this and move on with your life! 🙂

But if you are willing to consider this, choose a day, time, and place somewhere in Madison where we can meet, sometime before September 30. Wherever appeals to you and you think would be fun and/or refreshing place to chat for about 60-90 minutes. At a restaurant or over drinks, for example. (Not on the internet!) Please allow me to take the bill as a token of appreciation for your time and effort. I have listed some possible locations at the link below, but feel free to choose any location you would feel comfortable with.


Using a conversational format, I will offer you a set of questions, prompts, thought experiments, or brief exercises to respond to. These questions will help me refine and explore my theories about the properties of the simulation. I don’t want to say too much more beforehand to avoid influencing you, but I will not ask you anything intrusive or ‘inappropriate.’ You are also free to not comment or respond to anything that you don’t feel like responding to. If I were to guess, I think will appear to be a 65% normal conversation to the average person.

In terms of risks, it is difficult for me to imagine or what they might be. I will be mostly asking about fairly innocuous, topics. As previously mentioned, you can also choose not to engage with any particular question, and it will not affect the results of the study.


It depends on whether I can collect quality data, and whether the data yields anything worth commenting on. I have concern that any theories that relate to the simulation are non-falsifiable, but it is especially hard to know prior to conducting the research. I certainly hope to have something to share.

I feel like THERE’S SOMETHING YOU’RE NOT TELLING ME. Do you have an ulterior motive?

No, there is no ulterior motive. I have described what I am interested in. I don’t want or need anything from you except your cooperation as a research subject, and the suspension of your judgement. Can I also say that people who kindly humor others are the best people on earth?

To be completely clear: I will not ask you to join my religion or cult. You are not invited to my Bible study. You will not give me access to your safe deposit box. You will not be donating to my charitable cause. I won’t beg you for your kidney even though my kid really needs one. And again, please permit me to compensate you for your time by allowing me to get the bill.

No seriously. What is this about? thIS can’t be it.

Let’s put it this way: Is it possible that the reality of the world, and your underlying thoughts about it are not as separate as you think? Perhaps this experiment is ‘about’ exactly what you wish it to be about. Or perhaps you would like to find out what it is about. Help me crack the code. I will share the secrets.

I STILL feel like i’m missing something.

Yes, you forgot to sign up. Here’s the link again. Thanks for your help!